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Mixonic specializes in custom CD production services, including short run CD duplication, longer run CD replication and CD packaging. We make it fun, easy and affordable to print and produce your custom CD projects. Our online tools let you personalize your CD cover and disc packaging, upload artwork and CD content, and order your custom CDs online, 24/7

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Mixonic CD Production Options

CD Duplication

CD duplication refers to burning content
on a pre-manufactured blank CD-R.

  • Best suited for projects of up to 500 units
    or those that require fast turn around
  • Super fast CD production options
  • Order online 24/7

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CD Replication

CD replication, or "CD pressing", is the process of creating a CD directly from plastic and other raw materials

  • Best pricing for projects 500 units or more
  • Replication as fast as 5 days
  • Order 300 to 5,000 units online

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