We're Flexible, and so are
these Cases

Flexible Plastic CD & DVD Cases

No need to worry about your cases cracking, flexible plastic cases are smooth, sturdy and durable semi-transparent plastic with easy disc access. Our flexible plastic cases are a high quality, budget-friendly CD and DVD packaging choice. Great for product promotions, software and video marketing materials.

  • Folded: 5"W x 4.875"H x 0.15"D
  • Unfolded: 10.06"W x 4.875"H

Disc in Flexible Plastic Case Pricing

Pricing includes full color disc inserted into flexible plastic case

Units CDs DVDs Blu-ray
100 $123 $133 $369
200 $234 $254 $676
300 $333 $348 $978
500 $500 $580 $1,435
1000 $679 $780 $2,770
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